Fab Times Were Had With Cesc

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Whilst the deal has not been rubber stamped it looks like the inevitable is going to happen as it seems to be confirmed by certain players at Barcelona that Cesc’s departure is/has occurred.  They must be so proud of the ambassadorial role they play for their club with fellow European teams.

Cesc final gets his chance to return to his boyhood club and given their success over recent time as “the best team on the planet” then there’s bound to be the chance to be successful (especially in a two team league).  And there maybe that leaves open a unopen question, despite his mercurial talents did Cesc achieve what he could have done whilst at Arsenal.  Yes, he has an FA Cup winners medal to his name (alongside Euro and World Cup medals) there is a small part of me that will still think, if only……….and that most probably isn’t Cesc’s fault – effected by injuries at crucial times in recent seasons as well as a lack of depth and experience in the current squad that befits Cesc’s quality.  We all hear about the potential within the Arsenal first team but Cesc (and a fit RvP) has already realised that potential and the rest of the team seemed to be played catch-up.

Cesc’s times at Arsenal bought pleasure and delight on regular occasion.  His work ethic on the pitch was staggering and he had the unique ability to turn in game to his advantage in an instance.  I recall at a home game a couple of seasons ago (it may have been Sunderland or Stoke) where the first half was a dour affair and the travelling fans where hopefully that their team could sneak a cheeky away win.  That was until Cesc came on as a half-time substitute and completely changed the game on it head – the Emirates crowd witnessed a Cesc masterclass and pass the home fans and the away team had their breath taken away.

Similarly, when Aaron Ramsay had his leg broken against Stoke you could see Cesc (and the team) responded in the best way a player can and put the opposing team to the sword through persistence and pure brilliance.

And not only was Cesc know for his uncanny knack as being heralded as the master being creator for his teammates but he was also finisher of some amazing goals, some through ability and others through significance. Three that stuck for me were:

1. The goal against AC Milan was the icing on the cake of an enthralling performance at the San Siro in the Champions League

2. Superb individual goal against the Spuds having won the ball straight after the restart and slice through the defence like it wasn’t there.  That was the best half-time at the Emirates ever, no one left before the whistle to beat the beer queues that day.

3. Finally, the significance of the goal against Barcelona in 2010.  In contrast to the half-time break above, this match was truly magnificent and by the time first 45 minutes had passed only 10 people in attendance had blinked more than 3 times such was the quality on display.  Unfortunately, it was the Barca performance that was so sublime but in the second half there was a much more resilient display from Arsenal which was epitomised by Cesc’s late equalising penalty that he scored with a fracture leg.  An individual contribution of Bert Trautmann proportions.


Which goal did you think was the best?  Vote below:

So thank you for the memories Cesc, as an individual player he dazzled and shone and I hope you get the opportunity to perform on the platform you deserve and not just to watch from the touchline.

Adios mis amigos


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