When it rains, it pours………..of nothingness

In Arsenal, Liverpool, Transfers, Wenger on August 18, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Been a quiet day today really.

Rained a bit this morning.  Any new signings?  Nope.

Rained a bit more this afternoon.  Nasri gone yet?  Nah

P*ssed it down this evening.  Anything interesting at all?  Anything? Please!  Not a chance

Having a constant in life gives reassurance that the world is still normal.  It proves that there is order in life and reaffirms that British summers are simply lousy.   Yet it’s on days like today the only way to pass away the hours and minutes of monotony is to continually click the refresh button on your browser in the insane hope that your personalised NewsNow feed might have breaking news on the new super, smashing, great, out of this world quality signing, along with his technicolour dream coat.

Alas no, the sky just continues to open its big bulbous belly and rinse away any remnants of the summer that so could have been the one we’d once dreamed of.

In fact, you can tell that the news is a bit light on the ground when the best can churn out that Theo has been taking part in a book signing at the club shop.

If it were a midweek break for a pointless International friendly then you would be accustomed to some of the fringe players being interviewed on how they are looking forward to proving they can fulfill that under developed ability to break into the first team squad.  Oh……..they’re going to do it this weekend you say?  Really?  There’s no one else who can start?  Wow!

Big responsibility actually and we’ll have a look at what Arsenals starting lin-up might be compared to Liverpool’s tomorrow.

Seeing that Arsene continues to treat August like it’s a pre-season training camp with no new signings coming in so far our pre-season squad will continue to carry on through to the end of the month.

The August pre-season schedule is as follows:

13 August:  Newcastle 0 – 0 Arsenal

16 August:  Arsenal 1 – 0 Udinese

20 August:  Arsenal – Liverpool

24 August:  Udinese – Arsenal

28 August:  Manchester United – Arsenal.

Here’s hoping that Arsenals pre-season continues with its current run of lucky good form so that when the first proper game takes place against Swansea on the 10th September, the team will finally know who will be playing where and also for real points……….ermmmm.

Tomorrow we shall see the pre-match press conference which is bound to include questioning on the lack of a first team squad for Saturday; how much interest does the club accrue on a daily basis from the transfer fund currently being underspent; and will Arsene get his own phone rather than having to borrow from his mate Boro P?

So many questions but not enough answers!



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